Frequently Asked Questions

Do guests fly the aircraft themselves?

Very much so!

All our flights teach guests how to fly our aeroplanes and they are encouraged to do as much (or as little) of the flying as they like.  Guests will be offered the chance to carry out aerobatic manoeuvres themselves, even if they have never flown in a light aircraft before, all under the close guidance of their instructor who will show them the way. 

As they will be participating in a trial lesson, their flight with us will count towards a private pilot's licence and they will be able to fly the aircraft in all regimes of flight apart from close formation, take off and landing.


Medical, Height & Weight Restrictions

All participants will be required to complete a medical self-certification form before flying with us. Any guests over the age of 61 will be required to get a letter from their doctor confirming their suitability to fly.

Extra300 Aircraft Limits:  Weight limit is 15 stone 7 lbs. 

                                          Minimum height 5ft. 
                                          Maximum height 6ft 4".

Bulldog Aircraft Limits:     Weight limit is 17 stone.  Maximum height 6ft 5".


What to wear/bring?

Guests should wear light flat shoes with good grips - trainers are ideal. Everyone will be kitted out in genuine military flying suits - comfortable casual clothes to go underneath are recommended - ie trousers/shorts, T shirt, and sweater.  Ladies should not wear skirts/dresses.  It is a good idea to bring a light jacket as it can be exposed on the airfield. 
Loose objects (including cameras) are not allowed in the aircraft cockpit.  Before entering the aircraft, guests will be asked to empty their pockets of keys, change etc, and remove any jewellery (other than watches and stud earrings).


How many Guests can you fly?

We can fly up to 200 guests in a day in a combination of our own 8 aircraft and other aircraft. Additional options such as hovercraft racing, helicopter flights, buggy racing etc are available on request.  Many clients choose to fly two different flight profiles and/or aircraft in a day.



We are proud to operate a 100% safety record. 

Guests will receive an in depth briefing on all aspects of flying with us, with a strong focus on safety. 

We employ the same safety standards as used by the RAF to ensure that everybody enjoys a great time safely, which means that every eventuality is prepared for, no matter how unlikely. The care of our guests is paramount and we employ the same safety standards used by the RAF to ensure that everybody enjoys a great time without taking risks.  

All aerobatic and formation flying is done within strict rules around procedures, minimum altitudes and distances between the aircraft.  The aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with CAA regulations and our instructors have supreme credentials with many thousands of hours of military experience.  



The operators are fully insured at Lloyds for personal and third party risks between £5-£10 million, and your own personal policies are normally unaffected by the activity.


What aircraft do you fly?

The Extra300 aircraft is a state of the art high performance aerobatics machine and the flying equivalent to a Formula 1 racing car.  The passenger sits in the front seat with their flying instructor in the back.  This aircraft was designed for FUN.

The Bulldog is a former military training aircraft used by 10 Air Forces around the world.  It offers side by side seating, has mid level aerobatics capability and is a joy to fly.


Where do you fly?

We can fly your guests from any licensed airfield in the UK, and can display anywhere in Europe and the Middle East.

We regularly operate from the following locations:
Jersey, Guernsey, Newtownards (Belfast), Goodwood (Chichester), Silverstone, Nottingham, Shoreham (Brighton), Biggin Hill, Wolverhampton International, Scotland.

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