Fast Jet Air Displays

Fast Jet Air Displays. Picture © John M. Dibbs


- Private Air Displays: Corporate events, Weddings, Birthdays

- Largest civilian operator of ex-military jets in Europe

- Branding opportunities on airshow circuit

Once thought only to be seen at air shows, Just Plane Crazy are now able to offer your very own fast jet air display perfect for adding true uniqueness to your event.


If you have ever seen a fast jet air display team such as the Red Arrows perform overhead you will already understand the awe that they inspire in a spectator. Not only do the noises of the jet engines perform an art of their own, but the tight turns, speed and closeness of the aircraft to one another is remarkable and testament to the skill of their pilots and aircraft manoeuvrability.

Fast Jet Air Displays. Picture © John M. Dibbs

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