World War II Hurricane Air Displays

World War II Hurricane air display


- Private Air Displays: Corporate events, Weddings, Birthdays

- Most famous British WWII aircraft flying today

- 49 combat sorties in the Battle of Britain

The Hawker Hurricane is synonymous with the Battle of Britain, accounting for the majority of air victories for the RAF. Powered by the unmistakeable sounding Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the Hurricane was a formidable fighter.


In 1982 the Hurricane we use for air displays was discovered in poor condition, and in 2002, the aircraft began its restoration process and has now achieved fully certified flight status.


The Hurricane completes a graceful performance that will leave your audience speechless.


We can also team up with other World War II aircraft for a truly unique air display.

World War II Hurricane air display World War II Hurricane air display

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