Extreme Aerobatics

Experience the adrenaline & 'G' of Extreme Aerobatics in either the Extra 300 or slightly tamer Bulldog Military Fast Jet Trainer.


Extreme Aerobatics Extra 300

Extra 300 Weekday: £349                                                           Extra 300 Saturdays: £399


Bulldog Weekday: £249                                                              Bulldog Saturdays: £299

Aerobatics Bulldog Military Fast Jet Trainer



After tips from your instructor and a practise session, take part in an Aerobatic Competition against the other members of your group.


Fly the manoeuvres yourself with your qualified fast jet pilot on hand to offer guidance.


The Extra 300 is the world's ultimate stunt plane as used for the Red Bull Air Race World Series. Experience a near vertical take-off and breath-taking gyroscopic tumbling manoeuvres.

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Private Air Displays



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