Top Gun Bulldog Experience

Top Gun Aerial Combat Top Gun Aerial Combat Top Gun Aerial Combat
Top Gun Bulldog Weekday: £399                   Top Gun Bulldog Saturdays: £474

Experience life of a fighter pilot. In the Top Gun Experience, you fly in pairs, tail chasing around the skies in the Bulldog military fast jet trainer aircraft. When your enemy is in sights, press the trigger and a direct hit will result in a 'kill'!


Guests will be taught before the flight in the briefing room on how to fly the aircraft as well as aerial combat manoeuvres. No flying experience is needed. Once airborne, guests take full control of the aircraft with guidance from a current military fast jet pilot in the seat next to you.


If it is a solo voucher you require, we will pair you with another customer. Better still, we offer discounted rates if you purchase 2 vouchers, so that you can go against a loved one or friend!



The Top Gun experience is flown in the Bulldog military fast jet training aircraft. Our Bulldogs are all ex-Swiss Air Force, still equipped with the weapons pylons underneath the wings & firing trigger on the control stick! Click on the photo to find out details of the Bulldog aircraft.

Bulldog Military Trainer
Top Gun: Bulldog


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