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Flight Training Simulator Experiences




Flight Training Simulator Experiences

We are delighted to offer British Airways Flight Training Simulator Experiences based at Heathrow Airport. These are the actual flight simulators on which British Airways pilots undergo training, and are state-of-the-art. With the use of incredible visual effects, high quality surround sound and hydraulic motion systems, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and believe that you are actually at the controls of either a Boeing 747 Jumbo, 777 or 737.


The flight simulator experience begins with a 30 minute pre flight briefing on how to operate and fly the 'aircraft', followed by 60 minutes simulator use.


We only offer experiences on a sole use basis, we will not book you in to share the time with random people. You are however allowed to bring one guest along with you and share the flying time. This ensures that you experience full use of the simulators and the instructor's knowledge!

Prices: (Based on 1 person + guest for 1 hour plus 30 minutes briefing & groundschool)

Flight Simulator Experiences Flight Simulator Experiences Flight Simulator Experiences
Boeing 737-400: £445 Boeing 747-400: £495 Boeing 777-200: £495

Prices include VAT. Free onsite car parking is available.


Feel free to contact us to enquire further or to book a flight simulator experience.


Please note: the minimum age is 14. Under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. Photography is permitted at the discretion of your pilot but use of mobile phones and video recording equipment is not allowed.

Flight Training Simulator Experiences Flight Training Simulator Experiences

Recent Customer Testimonials:


"My daughter and father had a great time.  They started off on a 777 but then got moved onto a 747 as the 777 was needed for proper training - but that was fine as they met the pilots and my daughter was fascinated that the pilots all turned up in full uniform with flights bags etc so it brought home to them that this is the 'real deal'!  My father flew in and out of Heathrow, my daughter flew in and out of JFK.


It really was a great experience for all of them & also a great bonding opportunity as there aren't many things that you can get both a 75 year old grandpa & a 13 year old granddaughter to have a great time doing together!!


They all thoroughly enjoyed it and the British Airways Flight Training staff were great so a fantastic day out for all.  


Many thanks for organising it all". Jane Clutterbuck